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Unique Ways We Help Non-Profits

Posted by TXRB Staff

Don't be surprised if you see Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts selling cookies and tubs of popcorn outside our doors, or a PTA organization running a car wash in our parking lot. Our bank is in a prime location for fundraising on the southeast side of Stonebriar Mall, next door to Sam Moon. Our President, David Baty, has extended an invitation to any of our non-profit customers who would like to take advantage of our high traffic location. A non-profit customer may call to ask permission and reserve the sidewalk in front of our bank to set up a stand and sell thier items for fundraising. Also, at David's request, a water faucet has been installed outside our building to allow for car wash fundraisers to be held in our parking lot.

David loves to help non-profits because his wife and all four of his kids have been involved some way in non-profit activities (Scouts, Band Booster Club, PTA, churches, etc.). He understands the importance these and similar organizations make in the lives of children and our community, and he wants to see them succeed. He has years of experience working with non-profits in the banking industry and knows the problems they can face. Here at TRB, we are all about problem solving. If you or someone you know is a part of a non-profit organization, call or come by to talk to a banker to learn what services and products we provide.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer: a free, high interest rate checking account!

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Mobile Security Alert

Posted by TXRB Staff

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has recently issued a consumer warning of new malware attacks against mobile devices. The alert from the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a unit of the FBI, addresses two new Trojans known as Loozfon and FinFisher. Recent attacks showed Loozfon has the ability to steal a mobile user's phone number as well as contact details. In one type of Loozfon attack, unsuspecting consumers were lured in by advertisements promoting fraudulent work-at-home opportunities. The alert does not specify how those ads were promoted - through e-mail, SMS/text or both. But the FBI warns that links within the ads lead to websites designed to push Loozfon to users' device. FinFisher, on the other hand, is spyware that targets smart phones, hijacking specific components that enable hackers to remotely control and monitor a compromised device, regardless of its location. The spyware is transmitted to a smart phone by clicking infected web links or by opening SMS messages sent directly to the mobile user, usually falsely appearing to provide links to system updates.

This message is intended to inform and remind everyone to please use extra care and caution when using your mobile device and to not click on and delete any emails and texts from unknown sources. 

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We Do Home Mortgages!!!!

Posted by TXRB Staff

Did you know that we offer home mortgages? That’s right, we offer home mortgages, and specialize in Frisco area homes. Many homebuyers are frustrated by the “mortgage mess” and the strict or illogical requirements of most mortgage lenders. Texas Republic Bank’s mortgage process is like a breath of fresh air – we offer solutions, not excuses or hurdles! Because we are a bank, we can be creative in tailoring a mortgage to meet your needs including:
Ø Conventional home mortgages
Ø Long term fixed rate mortgages
Ø Refinance mortgages
Ø Home construction loans
Ø Mortgages for Second Homes 
Ø Mortgages for the Self-Employed
Ø Competitive Rates
Ø Deal with a banker you know, and by whom you are known!
Ø Creative solutions and problem solving – not just one size fits all

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Personal Financial Management (PFM)-See All of Your Accounts in One Place!

Posted by TXRB Staff

With the new Texas Republic Bank Personal Financial Manager, online banking customers are empowered with a holistic view of their financial assets, liabilities and budgets. Texas Republic Bank account holders can now appreciate the free convenience of managing their financial relationships in a one-stop aggregated environment. Personal Financial Management automatically updates and categorizes your information, and  suggests ways to help you save. We can even send automatic alerts—like bill reminders—to your mobile phone or email. Set a budget and create a plan to reach your personal financial goals. You can track your progress online or stay up-to-date with monthly emails. Below are features included in PFM:
• Budgeting
• Account Aggregation
• Alerts
• Categorization Tagging
• Split Tagging
• Cash Flow
• Bill/Income Calendar
• Net Worth Calculator
• Goal Management & Tracking
• Expense Tracker

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Attention Debit Card Customers

Posted by TXRB Staff

Dear Valued Customer:
You should have recently received your new Texas Republic Bank Debit MasterCard in the mail. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) has not changed.
The bank is upgrading to a new Debit MasterCard system and this card will replace your existing card effective July 11, 2012. On July 11th, please destroy your old card and start using the new card you received.
The new system will allow you to see your Debit MasterCard transactions as they occur online in real time via our Internet Banking system and allow the bank to access your card information more efficiently. If you currently use your Debit MasterCard to make online payments (e.g. your utility bill) you will need to update your credit card information on those accounts and change the card information – the card number should be the same but the card expiration date and the 3-digit card security code (CSC) (sometimes called Card Verification Data (CVD), or Card Verification Value (CVV)) located on the back of your new card have changed.
We are working to make the transition to the new system as seamless as possible, but if you have any questions or experience any problems with the new card, please call us at Texas Republic Bank (972 334-0700) or Security Bank (940 663-6331).

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Rotary Club of Frisco Golf Tournament

Posted by TXRB Staff

Texas Republic Bank proudly participated in and sponsored the "Hole in One" contest for The 26th Annual "Swing for Scholarships" Golf Tournament held by The Rotary Club of Frisco at Frisco Lakes Golf Club on May 3rd.

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Quanah Parker Exhibit

Posted by TXRB Staff

Texas Republic Bank is proud to sponsor and be a part of the opening of the Quanah Parker Exhibit at the Frisco Heritage Museum. Texas Republic Bank believes that this is a perfect partnership due to its unique heritage that dates back to 1891 with Security Bank in Quanah, Texas. The Exhibit is open to the public April 11 through May 27. For more information on the Exhibit please see below:

Quanah Parker, Last Chief of the Comanches-Photography Exhibit - Quanah Parker, eldest son of Cynthia Ann Parker and Peta Nocona, was the last chief of the Comanche's.  He led a fierce band of warriors on the Llano Escatado (Staked Plain) of northwest Texas before surrendering at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in 1870.  With one foot in two worlds, he became a statesman for his tribe, a wealthy cattle rancher and a friend of cattleman Charles Goodnight and President Theodore Roosevelt.  However, he refused to convert to Christianity or to give up his braids and his many wives.  The exhibit features photos of Quanah that reflect his life as he learned to blend two cultures by taking his mother's family name and providing leadership to the Comanche people as they entered the 20th century.  Through the generous sponsorship of Texas Republic Bank, the Frisco Convention and Visitors Bureau and private collectors, we will have additional Indian artifacts on display.  Your entire family will enjoy this exhibit.


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Boy Scouts Troops-Special Account Offering

Posted by TXRB Staff

Texas Republic Bank appreciates the Boy Scouts of America.  We are demonstrating our thanks by making a special offer to all Boy Scouts troops that open a free checking account.  The special incentives include: 


·         A Free, Interest-Bearing, Checking Account (currently paying .80% APY)

·         Five $10 gift cards to REI  (to use as rewards for the boys)

·         Five 20% off coupons to REI

·         Use of the bank’s sidewalk for popcorn sales!

      (next to Sam Moon and near Stonebriar Mall)


The first troops to open accounts are receiving the best choice of dates to conduct the popcorn sales!  Texas Republic Bank is proud to support the Boy Scouts and the many volunteers who serve this great community!  We salute you!


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Girl Scouts Troops-Special Account Offering

Posted by TXRB Staff

Texas Republic Bank appreciates the Girl Scouts organization and is making a special offer to all Girl Scouts troops that open an account.  The special incentives include: 


·         A Free Interest-Bearing Checking Account (currently paying .80%)

·         Five $10 gift cards to Sam Moon (to use as rewards for the girls)

·         Our Sidewalk for Cookie Sales!

(at our location – right next to Sam Moon and near Stonebriar Mall)


The first troops to open accounts are receiving the best choice of dates to conduct the cookie sales!  Texas Republic Bank is proud to support the Girl Scouts and the many volunteers who serve this great community!  Our hats are off to you!

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Online Safety Guidance

Posted by TXRB Staff

Your security is of the utmost importance to us at Texas Republic Bank. Texas Republic Bank believes that the best defense against online criminals is for us to keep you as informed as possible. Below are a few practical tips to guide you in protecting yourself against identity theft.

Identity theft can occur in a number of ways:

  • Getting personal information off of bills or credit statements in the trash.

  • Eavesdropping on personal transactions in public.

  • Impersonating a bank or credit union in an email.

  • Gathering information from a facsimile of a legitimate site.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent identity theft:

  • Shred any documents with your social security number or credit information rather than throwing it away.

  • Log off your computer when you leave it.

  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer and run it at least every two weeks.

  • Be wary of emails from sources you don't know. Do not click on links inside emails from untrustworthy sources.

  • Only give information to trustworthy sources who can verify their identity to you.

Be Aware of Common Scams 

Here are some of the most common online scams that target users of mobile technology:

Phishing - Beware of any unsolicited emails from organizations requesting you to update your personal/financial details. To make their emails look genuine, the phishers may have copied an organization’s logo, images or even their entire website. Call your service provider if you are unsure.

Wire transfer scams - Beware of any sellers requesting you to send funds overseas – this scam involves the seller engaging the buyer off-site (usually via email) and convincing them to send money through an international money transfer service for an item that will never be shipped.

Domestic non-delivery fraud (domestic) - Beware of ads for high value electronic items advertised for a low price – unsuspecting buyers make contact and send funds to the seller but never receive the item.

Buyer fraud scam - Beware buyers requesting you send the item you are selling overseas. They may send a fake invoice from a financial provider to dupe you into thinking they have paid.

How to Avoid Online Scams Hoaxes and Phishing

  • If you suspect you have received a hoax mail, make sure you avoid replying to it or opening an accompanying attachment. Simply delete it.

  • If in doubt, visit trusted websites by typing the Internet address (URL) into the browser address bar rather than clicking on a link embedded in an email. Save frequently used links in your favorites or bookmarks.

  • Never respond to requests for personal information in an unexpected e-mail or pop-up window. If in doubt, always contact the institution that claims to be the sender of the email or pop-up window for clarification.

  • Use a spam filter to help block unsolicited or unwanted e-mail.

  • Remember that Internet Service Provider (ISP) never send an e-mail requesting passwords, account verification, credit card details, or other personal details by asking you to ‘click the link” – only provide this information to them in response to an unexpected request or one you have initiated.

  • Report suspected online crime to your local Police or Crime Stoppers.

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