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Remote Deposit - Making Business Banking Easier

Posted by TXRB Staff

So what is "Remote Deposit" anyway? If you're a medical professional it's just about the best thing since anesthesia! You don't have to worry about your employees taking an hour to make a trip to the bank. You don't have to worry about what happens if your employee gets in a wreck or robbed while on the clock. You don't have to worry about much of anything about getting your practice's check payments into your bank account. It couldn't be any easier.

Remote Deposit lets your regular office computer "capture" your patients' check payment information and convert it to available funds in your practice's operating account. It's economical, it's fast, and it's available from Texas Republic Bank. The bank's Management officer, John Henderson, understands everything about the check collection process and how to maximize its benefits to your practice.

How about some questions. What if your computer is down? No problem - drive the deposit to the bank or just drop it in the mail. Just because you're using the best way possible to make deposits doesn't mean you can't do it the old way! What if your trained staff person is out? Same solution. Forgets all the training? Same solution again. And John Henderson will also make sure that, if your staff is large enough, at least two people are fully trained in the Remote Deposit process. Believe us - it's not microbiology!

Getting check payments into the electronic collection process not only improves your cash flow - it's got another significant benefit. The quicker your customer's check information gets to their bank for payment the less likely that it's going to bounce. It's a fact that nothing else improves check collections like Remote Deposit. Not chasing your patients for payments saves your staff even more time.

So how do you get started? You or your business manager can contact John Henderson directly by phone at 214-619-3914, or by email at He'll carefully walk you through the process and show you some actual examples of how Texas Republic Bank's medical professional customers are using Remote Deposit to their benefit. We believe an easier way of doing banking its "banking like it oughta be!"

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Happy New Year!

Posted by TXRB Staff

We'd like to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Picture created by El coleccionista de instantes.

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Why is Local Ownership and Local Management Important?

Posted by TXRB Staff

Texas Republic Bank is a rare breed in the banking world: it is locally owned and locally managed. So what makes local ownership and local management so important?

Local ownership refers to where a bank's shareholders live. Our shareholders are local citizens of Frisco and the surrounding cities. They make decisions with the community in mind. Why? Because they serve in civic clubs here, their kids go to school here, and they live here. Their interests reflect those of local small business owners, homeowners, and parents. They live here so they want to invest here. A big, corporate bank has shareholders whose ties are not to this area, and so there is no true incentive for them to consider the consequences their business decisions will have on the community. They may just see another struggling small business owner needing a loan, while our shareholders see a small business owner with four employees counting on their jobs to care for their families and which is important to the local economy. One view leads to a loan being disapproved, our view leads to finding solutions to making a loan happen.

Local management enables customers to speak to someone who is able to make decisions. There's no run-around at TXRB. We can get you upper level decisions quickly. You won't find that in a management team that is located in another city or state. Also, since our team is local, we can customize products and services to suit our customer's unique needs and circumstances because we know you. A large bank or a community bank with several branches is less likely to take the effort to find creative solutions to financial needs. Either your loan requests fits in their box or it is declined. We purposefully remain a one-location bank in order to provide quality banking relationships with each of our customers.

Most businesses (including banks) believe "bigger is better". Their main focus is on growth, which often sacrifices the amount of attention given to each customer. Our way of doing banking focuses on each customer individually. It requires bankers who can think outside of the box to develop personalized solutions and a management team that is willing to be flexible. It's not the easiest way to do business, but we believe it's the best.

After all, that's "banking like it oughta be!"

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Santa's Helpers

Posted by TXRB Staff

Texas Republic Bank is proud to support and serve as a drop off location for WFAA TV Santa's Helpers toy drive. We encourage all customers and members of the community to come by our Bank and drop off new unwrapped toys and gifts for the children.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by TXRB Staff

From all of us here at TRB, we would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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It is a time to be full of thanks, and we want to thank you for choosing us for your banking needs!

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Join us on Facebook!

Posted by TXRB Staff

We are now on Facebook! "Like" our page and stay connected! Click below:

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What We Offer Non-Profits

Posted by TXRB Staff

We love helping non-profit organizations because we understand the value they bring to our community. We offer an exclusive account - "Shooting Star Checking for Non-Profits" - with many benefits. Below is a list of a few of the benefits:

- Above market interest rate (.80% APY*)
- No minimum balance requirement
- No monthly service charges
- No returned check fees
- Unlimited check writing
- Free standard style checks
- Free Debit Card
- Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
- Free ACH origination for Direct Deposit of payroll
- Free Electronic Statements 
- Free transaction exports to Quickbooks, Quicken, Word, Excel, and Adobe
- Free Mobile App for both Apple and Android users

We also offer a few creative benefits as well (see our previous blog titled "Unique Ways We Help Non-Profits" to learn more).

In addition, all our non-profits have a personal banker who takes time to get to know them and their organization. When your banker knows you and understands your goals, they can help you achieve them! We believe that's "Banking like it oughta be"!

*APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. Rates effective 1/01/12 and are subject to change without notice. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Interest is accrued daily on all account balances and paid monthly.

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Introducing our New Mobile App!

Posted by TXRB Staff

Above is our ad introducing our new mobile app! Santa's phone has a screenshot of what our app actually looks like. Have you gotten it yet? It's available for free on the Apple and Android markets.

Click HERE to learn more about it!

Happy Holidays!

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Unique Ways We Help Non-Profits

Posted by TXRB Staff

Don't be surprised if you see Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts selling cookies and tubs of popcorn outside our doors, or a PTA organization running a car wash in our parking lot. Our bank is in a prime location for fundraising on the southeast side of Stonebriar Mall, next door to Sam Moon. Our President, David Baty, has extended an invitation to any of our non-profit customers who would like to take advantage of our high traffic location. A non-profit customer may call to ask permission and reserve the sidewalk in front of our bank to set up a stand and sell thier items for fundraising. Also, at David's request, a water faucet has been installed outside our building to allow for car wash fundraisers to be held in our parking lot.

David loves to help non-profits because his wife and all four of his kids have been involved some way in non-profit activities (Scouts, Band Booster Club, PTA, churches, etc.). He understands the importance these and similar organizations make in the lives of children and our community, and he wants to see them succeed. He has years of experience working with non-profits in the banking industry and knows the problems they can face. Here at TRB, we are all about problem solving. If you or someone you know is a part of a non-profit organization, call or come by to talk to a banker to learn what services and products we provide.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer: a free, high interest rate checking account!

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Mobile Security Alert

Posted by TXRB Staff

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has recently issued a consumer warning of new malware attacks against mobile devices. The alert from the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a unit of the FBI, addresses two new Trojans known as Loozfon and FinFisher. Recent attacks showed Loozfon has the ability to steal a mobile user's phone number as well as contact details. In one type of Loozfon attack, unsuspecting consumers were lured in by advertisements promoting fraudulent work-at-home opportunities. The alert does not specify how those ads were promoted - through e-mail, SMS/text or both. But the FBI warns that links within the ads lead to websites designed to push Loozfon to users' device. FinFisher, on the other hand, is spyware that targets smart phones, hijacking specific components that enable hackers to remotely control and monitor a compromised device, regardless of its location. The spyware is transmitted to a smart phone by clicking infected web links or by opening SMS messages sent directly to the mobile user, usually falsely appearing to provide links to system updates.

This message is intended to inform and remind everyone to please use extra care and caution when using your mobile device and to not click on and delete any emails and texts from unknown sources. 

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