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Rehab/Resale Financing

Posted by TXRB Staff

If you are involved in any aspect of business that involves single family residences you’ll find Texas Republic Bank has been there also. The loan officers at the bank have financed every conceivable type of investment, construction, management, lending, and any other business venture possible that involves a residence. This is the second in a series of blog articles identifying some of the more common types of loans that the bank likes to make to its customers.
Loans to finance the purchase, repair, improvement, and resale of residential property (“Rehab/Resale”) are a favorite type of loan at the bank. The lenders at Texas Republic Bank have done literally hundreds of loans like that, and in amounts from really small to really big! Popularized by television shows over the last few years, many people have found both satisfaction and profit from turning ugly duckling houses into swans.
Taking a tired old floor plan and outdated finishes from Yuck to Wow takes money and that’s where lenders at the bank like Ron Corcoran come in handy. You provide the vision and Ron provides the cash! A purchase/construction line of credit, based on your purchase price and budgeted repair and improvements vision, transforms that vision into reality. The bank can offer an aggressive advance rate of up to 95% of your cost that can even enable you to do multiple projects at the same time.
For the most active borrowers the bank typically puts in place an annual guidance line of credit. It enables borrowers to make fast purchase commitments with the confidence that financing will be available. Key to obtaining the best deal is often a quick closing! Loan rates are very competitive with similar type loans at other banks—but good luck on finding one that will welcome your Rehab/Resale loan request!
Regardless of whether you’ve got a long list of successes or never bought investment property, you’ll fit into the Rehab/Resale loan program at Texas Republic Bank. So contact Ron Corcoran at (214) 619-3915 or email him at Helping turn ugly ducklings into swans—that’s banking like it oughta be!

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Single Family Investment Real Estate Financing

Posted by TXRB Staff

If you are involved in any aspect of business that involves single family residences you’ll find Texas Republic Bank has been there also. The loan officers at the bank have financed every conceivable type of investment, construction, management, lending, and any other business venture possible that involves a residence. This is the first in a series of blog articles identifying some of the more common loans the bank likes to make to its customers.
People who own rental property usually own several of them. They’ve learned how to be a good landlord and how to do it right. More importantly they’ve learned what not to do! Typically investors finance their first purchases through mortgage companies. However, at some point Fannie Mae underwriting requirements start making that very difficult. Texas Republic Bank picks up where the mortgage market cuts off and has financed investor customers who own literally hundreds of rental residences.
So whether your goal is six or sixty rental properties the bank is ready to help you accomplish that goal. The process starts with an informal application and discussion with a bank loan officer about what you want to do. Bank Vice President Ron Corcoran can quickly tell you what information will be needed to make a decision on your financing request. Interest rates vary with the situation but are very competitive for the rental property financing market. The time from application to closing can be incredibly short if necessary. Ron is aware that sometimes the best deals come with a short fuse!
The most important thing to remember is that rental property financing is a targeted type of loan at Texas Republic Bank. Other banks may see it as a nuisance and unintentionally, or intentionally, make the approval process difficult. Not the case here! So contact Ron Corcoran at 214-619-3915 or email him at He’ll help you make progress on that goal—that’s banking like it oughta be!

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Happy 4th of July!

Posted by TXRB Staff

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Supporting Our Frisco Community!

Posted by TXRB Staff

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Gearing up our Golf Game for Charities!

Posted by TXRB Staff

Texas Republic Bank was proud to recently help sponsor and be a part of two golf charities.

The first was The Rotary Club of Frisco's "Swing for Scholarships" golf tournament where we had the pleasure of sponsoring the Hole in One contest. 

Pictured (left to right): Tim Wright, Josh Henderson, Drew Mixon, and John Davis

The second was the record-breaking fundraising tournament hosted by Milestone Electric & Air benefiting the Men and Ladies of Honor. 

Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor is a strategic program to train and mentor youth to realize their full potential. Youth who participate are mentored and trained in principles of honor, chivalry, integrity, courageous leadership, and moral excellence using a three-pronged strategy of camps, conferences, and weekly curriculum based meetings in schools, churches, and recreation centers. They strongly believe that if these young people do not stand for something, they will fall for anything.

For more information or to see how you can help, visit:

Pictured (left to right): Rich Cass, Drew Mixon, John Henderson, and Bill Dunne

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Is Your Bank One You Can Trust?

Posted by TXRB Staff

. It's a vital component to any relationship - especially a banking one. So how can you know if a bank is trustworthy? We'd suggest learning what their customers have to say about them.

A large bank operates so many branches that the reviews from customers are often a mixed bag and may or may not reflect the experience you would have if you did your banking with them. Texas Republic Bank on the other hand only has one location, so you know you'll work with the same bankers as the customers who write reviews. See what one of our customers has to say:

Our goal is to provide all our customers with an experience that they can describe as "banking like it oughta be!" Come in today and try our way of doing business!

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Helping Small Businesses Overcome Obstacles

Posted by TXRB Staff

Small businesses face a great deal of obstacles when trying to find success in a market increasingly defined by competition and limited funding options. Texas Republic Bank understands the growing needs for these businesses to have their individual financial requirements catered to in a friendly and transparent manner. Thus, we offer a variety of loans designed to suit the individual needs of the small business.

Texas Republic Bank provides a wide choice of lines of credit to help guarantee liquidity and combines these amenities with highly competitive interest rates. We also give our customers the ability to purchase the necessary equipment that may be required for his or her business with our Equipment Financing package. Finally, and of greatest importance for many individuals, are the Small Business loans.

These loans are partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, or the SBA. Thus, they offer more beneficial conditions and rates than standard business loans while having the powerful backing of the federal government. Also, let us not forget that the entire approval process is quick and always supervised by a professional loan officer who is happy to answer any questions that may arise.

While these options may be what brings customers to our bank, our personalized service and professional expertise are what keep our clients returning. We pride ourselves on delivering an unsurpassed level of quality and customer service while simultaneously addressing each customer’s needs on a one-on-one basis. This transparency helps our numerous clients rest assured in the knowledge that their finances are in capable and well-trained hands. If we then combine this unparalleled professionalism with a personal touch, it is no surprise that Texas Republic Bank has become the bank of choice for the needs of many small businesses.

Call us today at 972-334-0700!

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Small Business Lines of Credit

Posted by TXRB Staff

It is common knowledge that building and monitoring your personal line of credit is important. Did you know it is equally important for a small business? According to a post from the U.S. Small Business Administration (
click here to read the article), a good credit score can lead to:
- Securing a business credit card
- Opening a merchant account
- Benefitting from lower insurance premiums
- Building relationships and getting flexible payment terms from suppliers
- Renting commercial property
- Leasing or buying business vehicles

Texas Republic Bank can help your small business build credit by establishing a line of credit along with giving expert financial advice. A line of credit will improve your cash flow and liquidity. This provides many benefits such as:

- Making cash available to take advantage of special sales by your suppliers
- Offsetting seasonal dips in sales
- Stabilizing your cash flow
- Holding your business over until accounts receivable are collected
- Growing your small business' credit score

Why choose Texas Republic Bank for your business' line of credit?
We customize our products and services to suit your businesss. Also, we believe you should bank with someone you know. Our bankers take the time to get to know you and your business so they can find creative solutions to meet your financial needs. Most other banks will simply deny your application if it does not fit into their cookie-cutter banking model. In addition, our local management team means no run-around; upper level decisions are made daily at our bank.

If you need help building and maintaining your business credit, talk to one of our bankers today. He or she will walk you through the process and help you every step of the way. After all, that's banking like it oughta be!

Call 972-334-0700 to get started.

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Bank with Someone You Know

Posted by TXRB Staff

If you’re a medical professional considering doing any kind of business with a new bank you’re going to need some answers. But in medical or financial situations, you don’t get the right answers unless you know the right questions to ask. So what should you ask that charming bank officer about her bank.

There are lots of questions, but the most important is, “Who will handle my banking and be my go-to person?" At many banks the person who does that great sales job on you or your business manager becomes a stranger as soon as the sale is closed. It’s referred to in the industry as the “hunter/skinner” marketing model and it’s efficient—for the bank.

When you ask that question at Texas Republic Bank the answer is always going to be, “That would be me!” Your relationship will never be turned over to a junior officer to try to deliver what you were promised. Your practice needs, your investment financing, and your family banking needs will all be handled by the same knowledgeable and professional banker. We leave the “skinning” up to those other banks.

When you ask other questions like, “How will the bank help my practice as it grows over time?” you’ll always get honest, truthful, and complete answers at Texas Republic Bank. So do yourself and your practice a favor and contact bank President David Baty for an introduction to a professional bank officer. You can call him at 972-334-0700 or reach him through the “contact” page of this website. You’ll be talking to bankers who value honesty and integrity above all else.

That’s the way it’s done at Texas Republic Bank, and that’s Banking Like it Oughta Be!

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Remote Deposit - Making Business Banking Easier

Posted by TXRB Staff

So what is "Remote Deposit" anyway? If you're a medical professional it's just about the best thing since anesthesia! You don't have to worry about your employees taking an hour to make a trip to the bank. You don't have to worry about what happens if your employee gets in a wreck or robbed while on the clock. You don't have to worry about much of anything about getting your practice's check payments into your bank account. It couldn't be any easier.

Remote Deposit lets your regular office computer "capture" your patients' check payment information and convert it to available funds in your practice's operating account. It's economical, it's fast, and it's available from Texas Republic Bank. The bank's Management officer, John Henderson, understands everything about the check collection process and how to maximize its benefits to your practice.

How about some questions. What if your computer is down? No problem - drive the deposit to the bank or just drop it in the mail. Just because you're using the best way possible to make deposits doesn't mean you can't do it the old way! What if your trained staff person is out? Same solution. Forgets all the training? Same solution again. And John Henderson will also make sure that, if your staff is large enough, at least two people are fully trained in the Remote Deposit process. Believe us - it's not microbiology!

Getting check payments into the electronic collection process not only improves your cash flow - it's got another significant benefit. The quicker your customer's check information gets to their bank for payment the less likely that it's going to bounce. It's a fact that nothing else improves check collections like Remote Deposit. Not chasing your patients for payments saves your staff even more time.

So how do you get started? You or your business manager can contact John Henderson directly by phone at 214-619-3914, or by email at He'll carefully walk you through the process and show you some actual examples of how Texas Republic Bank's medical professional customers are using Remote Deposit to their benefit. We believe an easier way of doing banking its "banking like it oughta be!"

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